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About Us

Yacht & Smith is a Brooklyn Native company with an international tone. Born here, but citizen to the world. How does that work? Easy. You take the best parts of the people, places, and things that inspired you, and then you embed those experiences into everything you do. Ok, well, maybe it’s not that easy but - challenge accepted!

Not only do we embed a lifetime of experience into every thread and needle, but we make sure to leave room for your story every time! Why? Because we don’t create things that make the man or woman. We create things that you MAKE!

Be yourself when you put on a pair of socks, gloves, hats, or anything from Yacht & Smith because I’m telling you from experience. There’s no better person to be. 

Our Mission: Is to reimagine, revitalize, and recreate the long-forgotten necessities in your basics, apparel, and accessories. That means breathable when it’s too hot, warm when it’s too cold, putting the effort in when you’re too tired, and, most importantly putting the comfort in no matter what.